About Bola Kampung


Amanda, a young princess from the virtual game world "Kingdom Hill", has been sent to Kampung Gong Lechar in search of the legendary "Suria Warrior", the savior to her Kingdom's crisis.

Unfortunately, the princess had lost her memory the minute she arrives in Kampung Gong Lechar. Iwan, the hero of Bola Kampung mistakes her for his cousin who was supposed to come visit him during the school holidays. Princess Amanda then happily spent her days in the village with Iwan and his friends not knowing that an evil villain from the virtual game world has sent an assassin after her.

As time goes by, Princess Amanda slowly regains her lost memories. Her pursuit for the Suria Warrior is over when she realizes that the chosen warrior she was looking for was Sabok all along. Unfortunately, she was caught by the assassin and was forced to return back to Kingdom Hill.

Iwan and his friends hatch a plan to help Princess Amanda and save her kingdom from the evil villain. However, Kumar, The village's young scientist notices something has gone terribly wrong with the virtual game. He believes the cause for the threat on Kingdom Hill is a viscious virus that had been attacking the game for the past few days.

With no other choice in hand, Iwan, Sabok and Azizul enters the virtual world of Kingdom Hill in hopes to save Princess Amanda and destroy Lord Vilas before its too late.

"When Fantasy Crosses Reality"